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Korea Smart Authentication Corp(KoSAC) has been established in 2015 to form and develop Digital Identity solution – a prerequisite for free interaction and communication between individuals.

Technology continues to develop with more services becoming available online. But in order to access online services for convenience, we must prove ourselves over and over again, and that process is far from convenient. Moreover, the information we provide to prove ourselves ends up being exposed too many times.

That is why KoSAC strives to create convenient yet secure identity solution and services based on world leading homomorphic encryption and biometrics technologies that can be utilized for various services including authentication and voting.

What is Privacy?

Privacy is the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves or information about themselves, and thereby express themselves selectively. It provides safe space for diversity and self-realization.

Why is it important?

The possibility of self determination within the boundary of not harming others. As can be seen from the recent Facebook and Cambridge Analytica incident, without privacy, there is no freedom, and without freedom, there is no democracy.

Why is privacy becoming increasingly difficult to protect?

More and more of daily activities are transferred on digital sphere for convenience. Thoughts, decisions, and any other transactions are recorded in digital format which can be easily copied, transferred, and processed. Rise of AI and Big Data technologies accelerates exposure and profiling of individuals

Anonymity, and lack of accountability opens room for behaviors that are deemed socially inappropriate. Public opinions can be manipulated with false information Sybil Attacks. Arguments of national security, anti-terrorism, prevention of crimes creates strong justification for systemized surveillances.

Value  Trustworthy anonymity

Knowing the link exist without actually seeing it

Main Areas of Research

Homomorphic Encryption

The perfect trustful servant.

An encrypting scheme which allows computations to be carried out on ciphertext, thus generating an encrypted result which, when decrypted, matches the result of operations performed on the plaintext.

Homomorphic secures the data and improves the privacy during data transmission. For instance, in the Banking sector, the totalencryption account value is encoded for a customer using a private key, and the data can be decoded only by using a password. Similarly, the privacy of data via homomorphic encryption can also implemented in the voting system for a secured transmission of data.

In 2013, SNU Professor Cheon Junghee’s team developed fully homomorphic encryption scheme based on Chinese Remainder Theorem which is capable of faster and accurate calculation. In Genomic data privacy and security protection competition, Professor Cheon’s team won the event out performing by far other prestigious teams including Microsoft and Swiss EPFL Engineering University.


Most accurate and convenient proof of existence.

Biometrics is the science and technology of analyzing human body characteristics.  It cannot be forgotten or lost, providing higher convenience and security of identity verification

KoSAC is in strategic partnership with world leading biometrics company Daon, providing wide range of high quality biometrics


Technology for trust.

A blockchain is a digital network for transactions that eliminates the need for a middleman or central regulator like a bank or a government. Parties to the network create records of their transactions that, once entered in the digital “ledger,” cannot be altered or changed without the approval of the broader network.

The blockchain is rather like the internet itself — a vast network in which millions of users interact freely. But because of its unique architecture, in which multiple points of the system must confirm the validity of any transaction or changes, the blockchain ledger of transactions is seen as immune to bad actors trying to hack it.

As long as the user is in control of the cryptographic keys that allow them to interact with an access to blockchain, the system can grant greater sovereignty to the users for their own data.



Employee engagement platform

Based on AAID (Anonymous Authenticated Identity), KoSAC offers a unique employee engagement platform to enable better communication and alignment. Defora increases participation through anonymity and recognition system at the same time, encourage members in open and honest communication. Maximize your team’s potential. Learn more at defora.io

CreditPass powered by IdentityX

Biometric authentication solution platform

KoSAC’s biometrics solution CreditPass has  most popular factors of face, fingerprint, voice, and more to meet your needs. It is a comprehensive  yet flexible authentication platform that supports Omni-channel, Multi-factor, and Multi-modal choices.

Product formation

Integrated Authentication

It provides various applications related to authentication, including biometric template extraction, matching, user management, application management, authentication policy management, log, statistics, and more.

Mobile Framework/ SDK

This is to help integrate biometric parts more easily to the existing security framework when developing Apps. Liveness checks, communication with authentication server, key management, as well as customizable UI is provided.



Identity composed of existence itself rather than compilation of data


Verification of unique existence can be performed without personally identifiable data exposed in raw form. Token of verification can be issued to the user to access various services online.


Authentication of individuals can be conducted without the server having access to plaintext identification data with homomorphic encryption. KoSAC has already developed homomorphic  iris authentication scheme.


Convenient and Secure Electronic Voting



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